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Cider Mill

 Keven Carter, Cider Press Manager.                          Bill Meyer,  Cider Manager






Quote from "The Week" magazine:  "Dry cider:  A tart alternative.  We haven't yet caught up to Europe, but make no mistake:  an American cider renaissance is underway.  Big beer companies have jumped into the business, but the best dry ciders currently come from small producers."

Made with our cider: Hard Ciders, Wine, Beer & Brandy

Apple cider - with spirit -  made by our brewing friends with Kickapoo Orchard apple cider:

Look for seasonal Apple Ale, New Glarus, WI:   New Glarus Brewing

Look for seasonal Fallen Apple, Spring Green, WIFurther More Beer

Look for Apple Brandy, Madison, WI:  Yahara Bay Distillery

Look for Apple Wines, Richland Center: Weggy Winery

Look for Apple Wines, New Glarus: Primrose Winery

Look for Apple Wines, Dubuque, IowaStone Cliff Winery

Look for Apple Wines, Galena, IL Galena Cellars

Look for Apple Wines, Cedar Rapids, Iowa:  Cedar Ridge Vineyards, Winery and Distillery

Loook for seasonal apple beer at Moosejaw Pizza and Dells Brewing

A modern 24" continuous belt press makes pressing 800 to 1,000 gallons of cider an hour a possibility. Windfall apples are not used. Sorted apples come from our packing house in bulk bins, where they are kept in cold storage until an order is ready to be pressed. All apples are sorted again and sent through rotating brushes for a fresh water wash before dropping into the blade mill  to be crushed into pomace, and sent through the belt press.

Cider is pumped to a 5,000 gallon stationary stainless steel tanker. This cider is pumped into an over-the-road tanker and delivered to Citrus Systems in Hopkins, MN for pasteurization and bottling.  Pure cherry concentrate for apple cherry cider is added at Citrus Systems before the the cider is  pasteurized.

For further information about our pasteurized apple cider or apple cherry cider, or unpasteurized cider to be used for fermentation or distillation purposes contact the Cider Mill Manager, Bill Meyer.