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Cider Mill

Pasteurized cider available wholesale and in our salesroom starting August 5. 2017. 

Press Manager Keven Carter supervising the Cider Mill production.

Our JWI 24" continuous belt press can press 400 to 500 per hour.  Runing the Cider Press at this speed requires constant supervision of all operations by Press Manager Keven Carter.







Pasteurized Cider sold at the orchard:

Fresh cider off our press is pumped into the 6,000 gallon stationary stainless tank then into an over-the road tanker for delivery to Citrus Systems in Hopkins, MN to be pasteurized and bottled.  The apple/cherry cider blend is also made at Citrus Systems.

Fresh pressed cider with no preservatives is also available by tanker or in bulk tanks.  For any quantity of wholesale cider contact Cider Mill Manager, Andy Meyer, cell: 608.391.0060.  Email:  Andy Meyer

Made with our unpasteurized cider:   Hard Ciders, Wine, Beer & Brandy:

Available in our salesroom:  Wines, Westby :  Branches Winery

Apple and other wines:   August Hill Winery

 Apple and other wines:  Spurgeon Vineyards & Winery             

Available in our salesroom:  Apple and other wines:   Sugar Creek Winery:                             

 Available in our salesroom: Wine and Hard Cider:      Maiden Rock Winery & Cidery          

 Apple Ale, New Glarus, WI:   New Glarus Brewing

Fallen Apple, Spring Green, WI Further More Beer

Available in our salesroom Brandy, Vodka, Madison, WI:  Yahara Bay Distillery

Available in our salesroom:  Apple Wines, Richland Center: Weggy Winery              

Apple Wines, Dubuque, Iowa Stone Cliff Winery

 Apple Wines, Galena, IL Galena Cellars

Apple Wines, Cedar Rapids, Iowa:  Cedar Ridge Vineyards, Winery and Distillery

A modern 24" continuous belt press makes pressing 800 to 1,000 gallons of cider an hour a possibility. Windfall apples are never used. Pre-sorted apples are kept in cold storage until  ready to be pressed. All apples are dunked in a water bath, sprayed with fresh water then sorted again before being sent down the weight sizer, up an elevator into the press room, then into the blade mill, the pomace goes into a hopper and drops down to the belt press. 

For further information about our pasteurized apple cider, apple cherry cider or unpasteurized cider to be used ONLY for fermentation or distillation purposes contact the Orchard Manager and Cider Mill Manager Andy Meyer

Press Manager, Keven Carter

Photo: Bill Meyer in front of Apple Cider Sign